Mattress and base components take many years to break down and as a result, council's in encouraging a sustainable future, now either refuse to except them all together or have a separate charge for them to cover the costs they incur when recyclers such as ourselves collect them from their sites.

Note:. It is alway's best to use an actual mattress recycler (like us) for the recycling of your old and unwanted mattress(es) and or base(s) as our charge is much less (more realistic) than that of what Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and Cessnock Council's currently charge PLUS, we collect your old/unwanted mattress(es) and or base(s) at no additional charge saving you time and fuel and having to hire a trailer (if necessary) to dispose of it/them yourself.

Council's currently charge from $29.00 per mattress and $29.00 per base, otherwise referred to as "per piece" or "per item" and this charge is an outright "Money Grab"

Newcastle City Council will (from July 01st, 2014) be charging the following fees "per piece"...

Single and double mattress and base = $27.50 each (per piece) and in addition to standard waste charges

Queen and king mattress and base = $33.00 each (per piece) and in addition to standard waste charges

This will make disposing of a mattress and or base at Newcastle City Council's Summerhill Waste Management Centre (over other Council's) the most expensive method of getting rid of that old/unwanted bulky item, yet none of the Local Government Council's (Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland or Cessnock) pay recyclers such as ourselves anywhere near that rediculous fee for collecting and recycling these items in fact, each Council receives atleast (minimum) $10.00 in their own pockets so to speak for "handling and storage"of these items on their premises (at the tip) until they are collected by a mattress recycler despite Council staff not actually "Handling" them personally and "storing" of this item where there is sufficient space within their Waste Transfer (tip) sites.


There are many expenses relating to the recycling process including labour rates in order to have the mattresses and bases broken down, vehicle running costs related to the collection of the mattresses and bases and costs related to the running of the business premises including electricity, gas, water and so on in order to carry out the recycling process and the process is time consuming when it is done manually using only hand tools such as knives, pliers etc.


Our main recycling centre is located in the Newcastle City Council precinct however, our business covers a large portion of New South Wales including the North and South Coasts.

Rated as "the number one" mattress recycling business in N.S.W three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013) for first class customer service, collections and best price.

For further information or to arrange a collection, simply contact us using one of the available methods in the contact us link on the left.

Hours of operation:

8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday - (Closed Public Holiday's)

Telephone enquiries and bookings - 8.30am to 7.30pm

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