This section sets out some important general information on potential exclusions or limits to our liability which you should be aware of. It should not be relied upon or considered legal advice and, if necessary, Newcastle Mattress Recyclers recommends that you obtain your own independent advice.

Generally, you have rights, in certain circumstances, to be compensated for loss or damage caused by acts or omissions in the supply of our services. Our liability, if any, for such loss or damage is limited to some extent by the General Terms and Conditions of Our Customer Terms, although not for liability that cannot be limited by law.

Also, under the damages Act 1997, we may impose limits or amounts that are able to be recovered in tort for wrongful acts or omissions (of a civil rather than criminal nature) made in the supply of specific services by us.

Newcastle Mattress Recyclers is a business and is generally liable to the same extent as other businesses are liable for wrongful acts or omissions. In the event that you believe that you have a claim against us relating to a service supplied by us, you must take reasonable steps to minimise or avoid the extent of such loss or damage. We may take into account your failure to minimise or avoid your loss or damage when assessing a claim.

We, like all service providers, are liable to pay damages to a customer for a breach of the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. If you are not satisfied with the amount of payment under our Customer Service Guarantee scheme, Newcastle Mattress Recyclers has a scheme under which you may claim compensation. Newcastle Mattress Recyclers assess all customer claims for compensation taking into consideration all factors including alleged financial loss or consequential financial expenditure by the customer, actions taken by us and actions taken by the customer to mitigate their loss or expenditure.

If you require any further information about your rights, it is suggested that you seek independent legal advice.