Reusing and recycling mattresses are the two most desirable alternatives to the disposal of your old mattress into a landfill site, you could use your old mattress or its parts in a number of ways.

You could always keep the old mattress under the bed for when unexpected guests spend the night, pull it out and make it up - it will be much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor.

You could even break down the mattress and the springs could be used as a trellis frame to support climbing plants in your garden.


Other useful tips...

* You could use the mattress in tight places like the garage, nail the mattress to the wall so you dont knock your door when you get out of your car.

* Use the old mattress as a sound absorption for theater or recording studio's

* For the tree house or kids fort

* As an insulating factor

Other than the above, You could try giving away your mattress via a freebies site or donating your mattress to a charity if it's in good condition but do not dump the old mattress on the charity's doorsteps - call them first.


Some organisations can't take mattresses due to health reasons which is completely understandable given the amount of dust, bedbugs and bacteria an old mattress can harbor


Do not dump old mattresses on the road side, in bush land, national parks or anywhere else. Apart from damaging the environment it is illegal and may result in you being fined.